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Cyberwall provides professional training in cyber and information security to companies and individuals to advance their cybersecurity knowledge. We are proud to help people to start a career in Cybersecurity and open the door into the better future.

Our cybersecurity awareness training program goes beyond standard presentations. We use real-life examples to advance knowledge of your employees and what they should do to improve business information security and to preserve client privacy.

​The field of cyber security is booming and the demand for trained individuals in cyber security fields is far outpacing supply. Every year, 40,000 cyber security analyst jobs in Canada and USA remain unfulfilled. There are hundreds of open job positions in Cyber and Information Security. This could be your chance to start a very interesting, challenging  and rewording career in cyber security.

Join Cybersecurity professionals and with some experience you can make $100,000 a year!*

​Cyberwall instructors came from different cyber security and technology companies and know exactly what is required to become successful cyber security analyst.

The Cyberwall training program was developed from the ground up by people with top professional certifications in collaboration with Herjavec Group (the biggest cybersecurity employer in Canada) and is aligned with CompTIA Security+ domains and SOC Security Analyst job requirements.

Now is the right time to start your career in cyber security! Contact us today to book your spot in class 1-888-471-5400​ or

Evening classes in person with accredited professionals. A lot of hands-on training. This is exactly what you need to get a cyber security job by studying after your day at work.

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See our courses descriptions; Cybersecurity Analyst training that prepares you to become SOC Cybersecurity Analyst.
Technology Foundation training that gives you the knowledge you need to get into Cybersecurity.

In our training classes students get the knowledge they need to get cybersecurity jobs. This knowledge is based on real-world scenarios and industry demands. This deep understanding of real cyber threats and hands-on experience in managing cyber security tools is exactly the training that will get you into your first cyber security job. Every single person in our team is the cyber security specialist who deals with day to day duties of cyber security teams and poses a number of technology and cyber security certifications. We build our course to give you exactly what you and your future employers need.

Upon successful completion of our Cybersecurity Analyst training assistance with job placement will be offered​*. We are here to help you and provide the advice you need.

​​Contact us today to book your spot in class  1-888-471-5400​ or

All registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, so early registration is recommended.
Cyberwall reserves the right to alter fees, other charges, instructors and course dates/locations described here.

​* Assistance with job placement will be offered only to students who attended 90% of classes, submitted all the projects and successfully passed the final exam, as well as other factors like eligibility for government employment services.  
​* Cyber security analyst annual compensation range: $38,000 to $147,000 CAD