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If you search online on Google ‘What is dark-web’ or ‘How dark-web can affect a business’, you will find millions of links. However, if you go through all the links, the simple answer is the dark web is not a direct threat like ransomware, malware, or phishing attacks. The dark web is a covert operation by hackers who steal your company information and place it on the dark web for sale. Hackers either use small company networks to target large companies or use their network and user identities to grab secret business information to sell on the dark web.

How Dark Web Affect Small and Medium Private Companies?

The dark web is a criminal underground for cybercriminals to trade their illegal wares like bank information, government and corporate project details, user financial information, bank passwords, drugs, child porn, and much more. If you are not sure whether your company network has been hacked or not; used for the dark web or no; then, choose dark web monitoring services today. Most victim companies come to know that their network is compromised after it is too late, and their data has already been stolen.  And once your data or client data is stolen, you will likely lose your business and all credibility among your clients and prospects.

Darkweb Monitoring Services

Cyberwall is one of the leading dark web monitoring service providers in the North America. We offer dark web monitoring services to small or large clients and protect them from crucial business data leakage. In addition to dark web monitoring services, we also offer risk assessment, cybersecurity awareness training for employees, and compliance management. We have highly experienced industry experts on our team who provide step-by-step guidance to all our clients. This makes Cyberwall a one-stop-solution provider for all your cybersecurity needs.

Cyberwall Dark Web Monitoring Service Package

Monitoring of hacker sites, irc chat rooms on dark web, and social media
Protection from risky bots, malware data harvesting, and servers
Monitoring business networks from P2P files leaks
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