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Privacy is No Longer Simple.

There was a time, when corporate privacy was simply a matter of taking extra care with client information and files. The required privacy policies were simple and updated once a year. Now privacy is vastly complex, subject to interpretation ,and quickly changing. The risks from non-compliance include the possibility of hefty government fines, serving jail time, client lawsuits again your business, and the real possibility of losing your business entirely. Corporate liability can spread to individuals, and ignorance is not a legal defense. Companies face intricate regulations and must be very active in preventing any breaches from both internal and external sources.  

To avoid any such repercussions due to loophole in the data privacy, companies hire data privacy consulting firms for complete assessment to be 100%sure.

Cyberwall Privacy Services

Privacy Risk Assessment

We benchmark your current-state privacy posture against privacy regulations and standards (such as PIPEDA, GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, CASL, PHIPA, HIPAA and more). As a privacy risk assessment and consulting company, we identify risks and provide you with tailored recommendations to ensure your privacy compliance and reduce your risks.

Privacy Risk Assessment

Privacy by Design aims to implement privacy in the initial stages of designing and implementing new products, services, and processes. By integrating privacy with the design of a product, good privacy practices are ensured from the start. Privacy by Design is a requirement under GDPR and CPRA compliance guidelines, and a way to demonstrate privacy compliance.

Governance Risk and Compliance Consulting

We build privacy governance structures into your business to achieve compliance. We enhance your company’s privacy program by developing privacy policies and procedures, Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), Data & Process Maps, consent management plans, company-wide privacy compliance plans, and more. We have a team of experts in governance risk and compliance services.

Privacy Training

We provide enterprise-wide Privacy Training as well as role-based Privacy Training so that you can build a privacy culture within your organization. The Privacy Training is holistic and provides an overview into the privacy landscape, privacy risks, as well as an overview of your company-specific policies and procedures.

Cyberwall is one of the leading privacy consulting firms in USA and Canada. For any kind of data privacy consulting, personal privacy consulting or privacy training for employees in USA and Canada, contact us today.