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Advanced Data Backup

 To protect business-critical data, normal backup is not enough – businesses need the integrated approach of cyber protection. Cyberwall’s advance backup service enables you to extend the cloud backup capabilities your business requires to proactively protect your business data for 20+ workload types from Infrastructure to SaaS Apps that include physical, virtual, or cloud systems, applications, databases, emails, as well as Android and iOS smartphones.

Benefit from backup capabilities andenhanced with cyber protection, protect your business data confidently.

Key Features:

  • File-level, disk-level, image, and application backups
  • Back up popular workloads including Windows, Mac, Linux, Microsoft/Office 365, Google Workspace, Hyper-V, VMware, and much more
  • Hybrid storage options –public clouds such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, or MSP local storage
  • Flexible recovery options from full systems to granular files
  • Cloud-Local-Virtual migration
  • AI-based anti-malware and antivirus to counter ransomware and
  • Zero-day threats
  • Archive encryption
  • Incremental and differential backups
  • Google Workspace data protection
  • Complete Microsoft 365 protection
  • Backup encryption
  • Deduplication
  • Monitoring and reporting


  • Continuous Data Protection: Cyberwall’s advance backup agent monitors and backs up changes in real-time for with near-zero RPOs, ensuring no data is lost
  • Expanded backup support: Covers Microsoft SQLclusters, Microsoft Exchange clusters, Oracle DB, and SAP HANA
  • Forensic Backup: Image-based backups that capture additional data needed for forensic investigations
  • Data protection map and compliance reporting: Guarantee that critical data is protected for compliance reporting with the data protection map. Use automatic data classification to track the protection status of important files, folders, and workstations.
  • Scheduled backup reports: Increase visibility into data protection and simplify auditing with backup reports to listed recipients on a scheduled basis.
  • Application cluster backup and restore: Ease IT administrative burden with built-in capabilities for easy backup and recovery of Microsoft Exchange clusters, Microsoft SQL Server clusters, and Oracle DBMS, Real Application clusters
  • Safe Endpoint Recovery:  Integrate anti-malware updates and patches into the recovery process
  • Fail-safe patching: Automatically back up endpoints before installing any patches, enabling immediate rollback
  • Notarization and e-signature for backed-up files: Strengthen data protection with capabilities for verifying backed up files’ authenticity and integrity through notarization and for signing such files electronically with a publicly verifiable digital signature

IT Disaster Recovery

Disaster can strike a business at any moment. Research shows that without preparation and data protection, over 50%of businesses will not survive a major disaster. It is crucial to assess your IT infrastructure and understand what information security measures you need to take for decreasing the damage caused by a disaster and recover operations quickly. Cyberwall provides protection to your workloads when disaster strikes by instantly spinning up systems with cloud-based recovery and restoring them anywhere ensuring immediate data availability.


  • File, image, and applications backup
  • Local recovery with Instant Restore
  • Test failover
  • Cloud-only VPN connection


  • Production and test failover to the Cloud
  • VPN-less deployment option
  • IPsec Multisite VPN support, L2 site-to site open VPN , Point to site connectivity
  • Multiple templates
  • Runbooks
  • Custom DNS configuration

➤ Disaster recovery for physical and virtual workloads: Minimize downtime by enabling easy, scalable and efficient cloud-based recovery of all popular workloads including Windows and Linux physical servers and VMs, major hypervisors, and Microsoft apps. 

➤ Disaster recovery orchestration Simplify disaster recovery and increase operational efficiency by automating failovers and orchestrating disaster recovery procedures using runbooks – a set of instructions defining how to spin up your client’s production environment in the cloud.  

➤ Production failover Ensure quick and easy automated failover of the client’s production environment to an offsite server running in Disaster Recovery Storage or to a hot storage in the Cloud.

➤ Site-to-site VPN connection Enable secure VPN connection between the client’s local site and the cloud site to facilitate partial failover of tightly dependent servers on the local site. When one of the servers is recreated on the cloud site, the servers continue to communicate, ensuring minimal downtime.

➤ VPN-less deployment option Connect clients’ quickly and easily with point-to-site or site-to-site connectivity

➤ Near-instant RPOs and RTOs Achieve both RPOs and RTOs of less than 15 minutes. The Run VM engine enables best-in-class production and test failover speed, while flexible backup frequency policies lead to tighter RPOs.

➤ Execution monitoring Gain visibility into disaster recovery orchestration with a detailed runbook-execution real-time view and execution history.

➤ Point-in-time recovery Prevent data loss and avoid data corruption with granularity of control over data protection and recovery capabilities. Restore systems and data to any recoverable point in the past, instead of to the latest one.

➤ IPsec multisite VPN support Strengthen security with IPSec multisite VPN support that integrates secure protocols and algorithms, so you can easily support clients with multiple sites that are hosting critical workloads with higher requirements for security, compliance, and bandwidth.

➤ Custom DNS configuration Create custom DNS configurations for disaster recovery cloud services in the Cyberwall Cloud. You can then adjust DNS settings simply – making it even easier for you to support them.

➤ A secure DRaaS solution Improve regulatory compliance and guarantee the authenticity of object-storage data. Already built-in, Acronis Notary leverages the power of blockchain technology.

➤ Disaster recovery orchestration Simplify disaster recovery and increase operational efficiency by automating failovers and orchestrating disaster recovery procedures using runbooks – a set of instructions defining how to spin up the systems of production environment in the cloud.

➤ One solution for any workload Cyberwall Disaster Recovery solution is available for any workload whether its Physical and virtual machines, virtualization platforms, or applications.